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2015-06-10 12:58 am

Thread Tracking for Teleios JUNE

Riodan greets Nagihiko on Arrival Day June 1st Month 30: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/388436.html?thread=65994324#cmt65994324

Riodan greets Joss on Arrival Day (June 1st Month 30): http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/388436.html?thread=66123348#cmt66123348

Riodan meets Luke Skywalker at the stables: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/390952.html

Riodan and Amaterasu work at the stables: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/394127.html

Riodan bumps into Nagihiko in the city and asks about his plans for his dance school: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/397252.html?thread=67818948#cmt67818948

Valhalla I Am Coming Plot Earthquake and Monsters!

Riodan on Advent of the Earthquake: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/397888.html?thread=67804480#cmt67804480

Riodan checks on Fortescue: http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/397888.html?thread=67518784#cmt67518784

Fighting Monsters with Hayley on the Summer Solstice onwards. http://teleios.dreamwidth.org/402263.html?thread=68212055#cmt68212055